α-8, membrane protein belonging to the single-pass type I integrin α chain integrin family also known as ITGA8. Repetition of ITGA8 7 FG-GAP is included. Mesenchymal cells, including the smooth muscles of internal organs and blood vessels in the stellar lung myofibroblasts, renal mesangial cells, cells, and liver, ITGA8 represented by (at the protein level). ITGA8 is a heterodimer of α and β subunit. α subunit heavy, and a light chain linked by a disulfide bond.

In addition, ITGB1 fibronectin receptor β subunit, VLA-4 subunit β, and CD29, integrin β-1, which is known as an I membrane protein belonging to the integrin family of single-pass type β chain,. VWFA domain is included in it. Alpha-V or -11 are associated, -4, α5, α6, α7, α8, 9α, and α-10 – α-1, α-2, 3 or integrin β-1 / ITGB1. It binds, instead of α-7, LGALS3BP ITGB1BP3 attached to the α-5,. Integrin β interacts 1 / ITGB1 FLNA, and RANBP9 and FLNB. Combined with human echovirus 1 capsid protein, and 8, integrin β-1 / ITGB1 acts as a receptor for these viruses.

By controlling the mobilization of mesenchymal cells in epithelial tissue probably α-8 / β-1, and function, in the development of kidney, integrins, to other organs. 8 integrin α/β-1 recognizes the RGD sequence in a wide range of ligands, including VTN and, FN1, SPP1 TGFB1, TGFB3 TNC.

By adjusting the recruitment of mesenchymal cells in epithelial structure and ITGA8 alpha-8/beta-1 integrin function in the origin of other organs and possibly kidney. It recognizes a wide variety of RGD sequence of ligands including VTN and, FN1, SPP1 TGFB1, TGFB3 TNC. NPNT think its ligand function kidney origin. I regulate neurite outgrowth of sensory and motor neurons and TNC nerve receptor-mediated cell-cell interactions. I belong to the integrin α chain family. Note: This description may include information from UniProtKB

Integrin family of adhesion receptors are composed of dimeric transmembrane protein 21 heterozygous least specificity of the ligands and their tissue distribution are different. Per, in adult cells and other tissues smooth muscle contraction, I have expressed in nerve cells and mesenchymal development mainly. Now, display extracellular matrix protein that 8, seeded in vitronectin or on fibronectin, we will look for the contact of the focus of specific intracellular associated with the 8 integrin subunit and fake recently. In addition, on the surface 8 expressly DNA sham human embryonic kidney cells were transfected in a can for adhesion to fibronectin and vitronectin, and 8 1, they use this receptor we, (293) that I shows. In addition, 18 the vitronectin and fibronectin – You could be eluted aspartic acid (RGD), from GRGDSP – glycine – arginine bound to both of Sepharose, containing the peptide or protein matrix in particular. Because it seems adhesion of vitronectin and fibronectin to be mediated by the RGD, we Tested additional RGD-containing proteins such as denatured collagen type I., tenascin, fibrinogen, thrombospondin, and osteopontin, tenascin is fake 8 It has been found that it can mediate adhesion of 293 cells transfected. By using a recombinant fragment of tenascin in adhesion assay, we were able to find tenascin of RGD-containing, 81 binding domain of fibronectin type III repeat of the third. Fake V content integrin and fake – that vitronectin tenascin, and fibronectin is a ligand of 8 伪尾 1, and these data, each of these ligands by a mechanism in which it is clearly separated from the 5 This suggests strongly that it binds to integrin RGD site in.

Further double mutant cell line, and more than 18,000 cDNA deletion is, it was used in the screen and the GDAS nylon filter after. The overlapping sequences, cDNA P made from reverse transcription of each RNA sample are probed with labeled 33. The analysis by genome phosphoimage file system in which they are presented 705 cDNA is changed at least twice during the 11 RNA sample mK10/pCMV-Hoxa and MK10. Were examined manually to remove artifacts caused by forty blotting error of the most promising cDNA was selected for validation by Northern blot analysis, each cDNA that has been removed. Expression levels using phosphoric again, normalized to the expression of GAPDH. The two clones is small, the differential expression, reliability has been shown. Expressed sequence tag clusters were set Mm.112139 homology EHD1 weak EH domain-containing protein expressed developing limb bud, testis, the kidney is one branch. Involvement EH domain protein ligand-induced endocytosis and signaling. Acts as an antagonist of the ETS domain transcription activity of (ERF) other EST2 repressor factor, in gene ETS domain transcription factor for the majority of adult